september 2019

I will be the dramaturg for "You Sound Like a Girl, a performance and educational workshop. You Sound Like a Girl is a performance and voice workshop that investigates the social norms surrounding cis women’s and trans women’s voices in order to empower every girl and woman to embrace their voice.

Starting in infanthood, cis women’s and trans women’s voices are constantly criticized, conditioned, and policed: Shrill, harsh, too low, too high, boyish, girly, too loud, too quiet, etc. No wonder so many of us are silenced, since every time we open our mouths we are subject to scrutiny.

And what does it even mean to “sound like a girl”?

The You Sound Like a Girl performance and educational program empowers audience members to interrogate this question and reclaim the answer. 

September 10th-14th at 7:30pm | September 14th & 15th at 2pm—ALL Tickets are $15

2019 LMDA CONFERENCE, chicago

Over the summer I presented at two sessions at the LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) Conference. The first session I co-led with fellow dramaturg Caroline Snape was Creative CrossingXChicgago which was an early career dramaturgs event. Creative CrossingXChicago provided a space were individuals could to connect about what we are doing, thinking about, and struggling with as early career dramaturgs and theatre practitioners. We wanted to host this event because being a dramaturg and theater maker can sometimes feel isolating. We wanted to create an open forum where we focus on artistic and professional sustainability in the arts for individuals and their creative projects.

I also presented along side some truly inspiring dramaturgs in the Hot Topics session at the conference.

I wrote a review about Geoff Sobelle's— Hear Their There Here: A Sound Walk Through Brooklyn Bridge Park for Artforum!