Under the Sun follows a gregarious Sun meets with her friends, the Smallest Mouse and the Busy Bee, to learn how human beings can be good friends of Mother Earth. The only problem is, the rude Litter Bug is determined to undermine the Sun at every turn. Watch as the Sun, Mouse, and Bee team up in an attempt to break those mean habits of the devious Litter Bug. *FREE for ALL ages at The Old Stone House and Washington Park.

Creative Team:
Written by: Mary DeCarlo
Directed by: Rachel Levens
Music by: Jack Doughtery
Costumes & Puppets by: Madeline Jaffe, Kendra Lee, & Rachel Levens
Art & Design by: Alex Uyeno
Photos by: Courtney Garvin

The Sun: Jenny Hoofnagle
Smallest Mouse/Bee: Lindsey Leonard
Litter Bug: Kyle Milner