Tourist Trap is Cantonese meets culture shock the day Laura arrives in Hong Kong. But that’s okay for this ABC (American-Born-Chinese) because when dinner with a local friend turns into a mad dash about town, Laura’s game on for anything: from black pepper steak set meals to dancing with drunken bankers and a Canadian who may (or may not) be a Gurkha. Tourist Trap: A play for the hopeless adventurer in all of us.

Creative Team:
Written by: Marie Yuen
Directored by: Rachel Levens

Laura: Tina Duong Laura
Connie: K
Wincey: Lorraine Tai
Walter: Fenton Li
Waiter/Officeras: Sunny Chio
Guy 1/Banker 1 (Watson) as Jim Ro
Guy 2/Banker 2 (Nigel Ponsonby) as Dimitri